Oferta !
179,- EUROS
( en vez de 230 ,-euros )
La mejor trompeta de plástico actualmente !

100 % Plastico , ideal para niños y escuelas.

No se rompe , tiene un peso muy ligero y es extremadamente durable , todas las válvulas son intercambiables.

500 gramos
: . 460″(11,68 mm)
Campana : 4 7/8″(123,8 mm)
Válvulas de plastico
Slides: Principal desmontable, guías de válvula 1 º y 3
Material del cuerpo: tecnología antimicrobiana patentada

Colores :
 Rojo , negro , azul , amarillo , blanco y verde.
* Incluye funda y 2 Boquillas : 3 y 5C 


The pTrumpet is world’s first 100% plastic trumpet, great for schools and teachers it is affordable, fun, lightweight and durable. This innovative plastic trumpet is the only model with completely interchangeable valves making it accessible for all age & skill levels.

We think:The pTrumpet builds on the great success of the pBone in both education and private sectors, bringing with it great expectation and anticipation. We can be sure to guarantee that you will not be disappointed by this 100% plastic trumpet which is exclusive to the market. Not only will you be instantly amazed by its slick and robust design but the pTrumpet’s tonal qualities will astound you, as the resemblance to a brass trumpet is unprecedented.The pTrumpet has modernised the brass world to compete in the guitar and technology dominated generation we live in. Their Instruments encourage younger players to delve into the brass / orchestra world, whether it is for a bit of fun or starting your musical journey. Even if you are an experienced player it offers a fantastic sound coming in at the fraction of the price point of a professional trumpet. The guys at pTrumpet and pBone have a legacy of pioneering, encouraging and creating fresh fully plastic instruments, the potential is endless.