Alexander 107 y 107 X

El Modelo ” Diskanthorn ” , en Sib-Fa agudo

Modelo básico , Messing , sin laca y campana fija
Precio : 7.580,- €

Nuevo Modelo 107 X
Modelo básico Messing , sin laca y campana fija
Precio : 8.480,- €

Extras :
Lacado : 395,- €
Campana desenroscable : 310 €
Extra bomba de Fa :  510 €

The Alexander Bb/High F Model 107X is based on the innovative design of the Model 301 triple horn which was introduced with great success in 2003.
This has enabled the achievement of our goal: to construct a descant horn that provides articulation and tone similar to that of a F/Bb double horn.
The elimination of the tuning bit in the mouthpiece re­ceiver and the employment of separate leadpipes and bell branches allows independent tuning of each side of the horn. The articulation and sound of the high F horn is also more homo­genous. The long leadpipe gives the Bb horn a fuller sound. The Model 107X also allows the possibility of adding an F extension to the A valve in order to play the natural harmonics of the low F horn.With this instrument Gebr. Alexander given horn players a new tool that makes the change from a full double horn to the descant horn a comfortable one.